Robin Darlington Singer Songwriter Music Producer


I am an Alt-Rnb/Pop singer-songwriter and music producer. I also write music for film and video.

To get in touch you can send me an email at or connect with me on social media using the links below.

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Robin Darlington


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An important lesson I am taking forward to the new year is that sometimes we must let go of what we have, so that we can receive what we want. In 2016 I experienced a degree of frustration in my creative projects. I spent a considerable amount of time feeling like I was working hard…

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It occurred to me the other night, after a day that felt very successful to me that creating the change we  want in the world (success) is all about awareness and knowing what you want. Let’s take a moment to look at who these two can combine: If you know what you want but don’t…

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Something I have been paying a lot of attention to lately (and writing about in a lot of my new songs) is my relationship to boundaries. I noticed that I wasn’t fully comfortable with both setting boundaries and accepting other people’s. My intention is for both of these to become comfortable for me. And that…

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[ VERSION FRANÇAISE ] I will be playing an acoustic solo gig on August 26th in a café in small village near Toulouse. I stopped by there earlier this year on an open mic night and they asked me if I would come back and play this summer. The exciting part however, is that we…

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