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SHE COMES IN TWOS is out now

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New track : Don’t Need To Hide ft. Kill-A-Flowz

It’s time It’s time you let it go Trust the truth in your emotions Tune in Tune in and find the flow As we slowly get back into motion Pack our things and hit the road Face the truth we’ve been avoiding Drop your expectations though Because we don’t need them where we’re going It’s…

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Announcement: SIKAYA debut EP on the way!

After about a year of writing songs, and making instrumentals with SIKAYA we have decided to release our first EP. We’re going to be uploading video snippets to our Youtube channel so you can preview songs as they come together. You’re invited to join our mailing list so we can update you on the process…

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L’Éveil de la Permaculture in theaters through the end of 2017

L’Éveil de la Permaculture is the first feature length movie for which I scored the sound track. The movie came out on April 19, 2017, and has already made it past the 50 000 entries, which is really good for a french documentary.  Also, the trailer has been watched over a million times on Facebook….

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