“It doesn’t matter what you do
You’ll always be missing something
But If you’ve got nothing to prove
At least you’re free to be whoever you want to”

Robin Darlington’s music explores the emotional and spiritual depths of love and life with both intensity and softening authenticity, taking us down the paths less-traveled of conscious modern indie Rnb.

His first EP Heart Defined, released as a free download in summer of 2015, has been played on the radio play in Belgium and is still being downloaded every day by new fans around the world.

In 2016 Robin scored the soundtrack for the feature-length documentary L’Éveil de a Permaculture which is now out in movie theatres across France, and he co-founded songwriting and production team SIKAYA with Alexandre Klein.

In 2017 Robin Darlington released his second EP “She Comes In Twos”. The songs tell stories about navigating both the pleasure and the pain involved in being alive and in love. The intention of this release is to support the masculine in us in learning to love the wildly unpredictable nature of the feminine, both in our lovers and in the world, so that we may find freedom in the midst of chaos, & learning to accept and love what is.

“If you let go of everything, what is left ?”