Sikaya – Pu$$y Too Fine

We’ve released our first single!

After a little more than a year and half of working together, we’re happy to share our first release with you. It’s called Pu$$y Too Fine and can be downloaded for free from our website if you create an account.

It’s also on Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, Amazon, we’re posting the links on the release page.

After some soul searching, Alex and I decided that our Sikaya releases are going to be our outlet for the darker shades of what we have to share with the world through music. So if you’re looking for uplifting music, this might not be for you.

If on the other hand you are in search of a sound track to release your inner thug, it might be.

Check it out here, and let us know what you think in the comments:$$y-too-fine/