Writing Giving Up Is Bliss with TonyModi

Sometimes what you think is going to be a one night stand turns into a long lasting deeply transforming love story.

That is kind of what happened to me on this project.  At first,  my music producer friend TonyModi asked me if I’d like to feature on a track he was working on for his next album. This was around a year ago, in 2017.

I said yes, cautiously.

Something along the lines of “send me the track, if I like it I’ll see what inspires me and what I can come up with and lets see where we take it from there”.

Tony sent me an instrumental. When I listened I immediately started to get ideas for melodies and messages. It felt very natural and relaxing to write to his music. So we made one song: Too Free For Your Own Good.

Then we ran into a hiccough: his label wouldn’t allow music with ties to other PROs on its releases. I’m a member of SACEM and ghostwriting-performing-releasing was not an option for me. So the track didn’t make it to his album.

At this stage, Tony suggested we make several others and release an EP independently.

Once again, I said yes cautiously.

Once again things went smoothly and with flow. We wrote 4 other songs together, chose the name for the EP, and just as we were finishing up the mixes Tony’s computer crashed. We lost everything but our most recent bounces: an export of the work we had done so far.

We decided to go ahead and master the mixes we had. We called my mastering engineer of choice Alex Rights and he did a great job of making the songs sound great while working with what we had. For artwork we commissioned a painting from the extremely talented Eli Harold.

A few weeks later a close friend of mine joked that by calling a song (and the EP)  “Giving Up Is Bliss” I was practically asking for a situation like this to occur.

Although I wasn’t aware of doing so, I think she’s right. This project arrived at a time when I wanted, maybe even needed, to get back to writing recording and releasing music from a place of it being simple and fun. Just letting go, giving up on my so-called need for perfection, and relaxing into the bliss of creating for the sake of creating. Making music for the love of it.

The EP will be out on december 7th 2018, and for those of you who are on my email list (sign-up bellow if you want to!) I’ll send you a free download of it on that day.

If you would like an invite to the release party at my house in Toulouse, email me at: mail@robindarlington.com

Love and light